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Word. No picture.

The great expression of an artist comes full on from their heart.  It is the rock solid emotion so deeply seated in your being that it grips your every nerve ending; it shakes your very soul…  and that’s what gets our attention.  This is the great and eternal source energy creating and clearing itself again and again in response to its conscious observations!  As Master Tolle teaches, we can just sit quietly and observe!

So there you have the spectrum that is my world.  From the totally ecstatic joy of nature unbounded to the full attention of the awakened one inside.  Our knowing feels ephemeral, evanescent…

So we work hard everyday; we break our backs.  We eat far too much in the early more abundant days of each month passing, only to sit back quietly later on and wonder at the folly of it all…  My pantry is full of beans.  My favorite things on earth are beans!  Not.Even. I’m starting to feel the same way about holidays and birthdays.  It’s all a silly notion fueled by a world only made for empty profits.  The great abiding love that lives in my heart, that fuels my very soul to keep going, is greater than any imagined profits, is stronger than any conjured threats or embarrassments by a government gone mad…  I understand it all now. The beautiful heart that beats inside my chest, that guides my beautiful eyes to see and preserve what I can, to contribute and bring up our unified fields together, that is the love and the power of my Divine Creator manifest inside me.  I am the expression and the passion of all that great love.

There is no time.  Stop the noise inside and listen.  There is no time in there.  We are in a very dense place, and there are those more evolved than we are, who gladly play warlord over the games.  But indeed, human evolution is more aware of itself than ever before, on a very high cliff overlooking a great expanse.  It is that beautiful vista that I can see ahead clear and yet soft, distinct in its origins, and more resolute in its being.  There are no birthdays, only springs!  I do not require a commercially manufactured holiday to manipulate my desires and emotions.  We are good without all that, really!

I will be honest with you.  I am very very happy about this month.  It is a deciding moment in my life.  It is like walking into the “right now” without so much regard for measuring, for numbers and for planned obsolescence.  One of my favorite people on the planet said recently of himself, something to the effect that he was the “youngest old guy” of his social contacts.  That kind of thing comes from your heart.

I’ve studied a lot about lifestyles, and in particular, morning rituals.  Having good ones, really does insure that your day gets off on the right track.  You control this.  You are in the driver’s seat once again!  Fill your moments with happiness and good hearts!  Only dwell in the bright places that constantly fill your being with good feelings and strong purpose. When I find that off-hand day when my intention most assuredly matches my attention, and my ears can hear, and my hands respond, and my legs, they can run…  we go with that!  That is your “Zone” and it is timeless in there!  No need for birthdays, for markers of false validations.  My validation is the beautiful bodies of the hungry mouths I feed.  My rewards are when that strong beast glides through the air effortlessly to catch the disc that I threw for her…  when coaxing little seeds to open up to the earth and the air…  enticing them with beautiful clear water…  those are precious rewards!

Practice.  Every day.  Beans.  Rice.  Discipline.  Focus.  Planning.  We can do this.  These things are important.  But we only do it for the Play.  For the Fun.  For the Watching and the Laughing. For the Stolen Hours when we can create something out of nothing. For the Joy of Running.  For Chasing Yellow Butterflies.  Yes, we do it for that!  For the beautiful book lay hidden under my pillow, waiting for me…