I am but one small aspect of a much more diverse and congruous entity. And I suspect this particular physical aspect is in a constant state of change so I tend to become more complex with every thought.

I am the pure expression of an unblanketed mind. I no longer seek answers. I am now living in the best possible way for me, which puts me in the best possible place to be of service to others. I no longer have needs, and I am not driven by wants or desires. Somehow my needs will take care of themselves. I am just an observer. And as I observe, I am compelled to express my perceptions and my ideas.

I am a typical Pisces person born in March, but sadly close to the next sign Aries, which only intensifies my need for self-expression. Sadly, because it is always an exercise in slowing down my thoughts. It has also tended to get me in trouble at times, as when the mouth opens and what comes out might not be expected or even appropriate depending on present company. And quite frankly, that is not my problem… haha

Welcome to my world as I walk my path.


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