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The High Art of Zen


The high art of zen can be confusing.  When you first begin to lose your fear, to begin to explore religious, philosophical and other spiritual ways of being more freely, you will surely find the doorway to Zen very different entirely.

In fact, you cannot walk into the great forest of zen, because it is not there.  It does not wait for you.  True Zen is not garnished in lights, nor bound in the skin of animals to be worshipped.  Learning the high art of Zen comes in life seconds, split seconds of blissful insight.  You will be powerfully glad you noticed.

Zen once hard-learned, comes so easy.  It cannot be thought into existence for its very nature is void of intention.  Zen is a vehicle that will take you everywhere and nowhere at the same time, exposing the raw, unpredictable essence that lives within us all.  This high art of Zen has been the best teacher over the years, never limiting the view, never preaching fear, but rather more like cherry blossoms falling silently down to your feet. They ask nothing in their journey and yet everything they are, they give away completely to the sensory feast around them, the beauty of Zen at our feet.

The high art of Zen can save you.  It can point out the impermanence of everything, so that you re-adjust your focus more easily to what is.  Over-thinking never works with Zen.  The answer is simply…  no need for answers.  In guarding answers, we build up walls we like to hide behind, when all we need to do is forgive ourselves, and accept the process. Sometimes seeking takes you away from having any wisdom.  To walk in full awareness without judgment, accepting the whole without losing your holiness, expressing heart intentions of expansive love by sitting in stillness…  the subconscious mind is set free.

We are amazed at shining cities but for sanity we walk among trees.  Where one finds accomplishment scouring surfaces with harsh chemicals, another embraces the delicate kiss of a tiny yellow flower as the air grows ever colder and her days are numbered.  With every tear shed, the gift of a thousand pearls lie in your hands.

You do not rest during a game.  Every muscle, every instinct becomes activated.  But every thing has an ending, of one sort of another.  The balance of knowing that death and rebirth, while very real in this dense material world, are only words, surely sheds some new light.  Zen is knowing in full awareness and yet it asks nothing.  Zen will tell you a story, but the ending may just blow a hole in your bubble, because that’s how it works. The high art of Zen will stimulate you, gently force your mind to let go of your heart long enough to see an open doorway to a new truth.  One that might possibly serve you in infinitely better ways.

The little cat ran from the house to her favorite tree, stretched her back, flexed her paws and scratched on the tree.  In truth, she was just a slight variation from several other cats, who also cautiously followed behind.  Seeing the others approach, she quietly disappeared into the bamboo, to the woods beyond.  Squirrels barked, birds chirped out single notes here and there…  the Earth was so quiet.


The back forty during winter 2011.