Imagine standing on the bow of a doubtful craft under full sail, through unchartered waters in the dark.


Daydream.  Shift.  Altered state.  Split.  Doorway.

When I could barely navigate the bare wooden floor, I flew.  Too young to speak evidently, I couldn’t tell them.  It usually happened early in the morning when she left me in the cage too long…  or at nap time, when I would go into that middle place, that zone of in-between.  Or at night when other things flew too.

I don’t remember ever leaving the house, or rather, the ceiling…  but it was fun to be free, to swish around the place like a flash of light…  I was a highly animated emotional kid.  I asked a lot of questions and got few answers.

Whenever things got really bad around there, bad sadness, deep darkness would come, and there became a void.  At an early age I developed the natural skill to step out, split the view, if you will.  My left eye…

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