flowers, palms and fronds

Incredible botanicals. Wonderful post.

the paris apartment


how’s your tuesday? i’m traveling with liz on a job in the keys. we’ve been friends for decades and work together whenever we can. it means road trips and good food, hard work and inappropriate laughs. in our room in the keys, the decor is tropical. botanical prints of various palm trees inspired me to pinterest search ‘botanical vintage’ and of course got lost in a world of renderings and illustrations.

9d4a27c76744128827ce5272552fc724 so much to the point i have 4% so have to go…i fell in love with so many of the flowers

bln9-252 the colors, the sweetness of the ribbon

4886e9955a5ec83db8f84cb664cfa52c the 1700 and 18o0s, when everything newly discovered  was logged and experimented with for oils, remedies and properties

tumblr_nck43o91h91srsf0jo1_1280 Magnolia illustration from Mark Catesby’s The natural history of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands, 1731-1743








From the Dodel-Port Atlas, a plant systematics wall…

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