Crow Flying South

Tiny bird from Pakistan.

Tiny bird from Pakistan.

Sometimes our life’s purpose can take its highest course,

like a rag-tag herd of mustangs led by one dark horse…

A baby dolphin swimming, exploring a dangerous sea,

or a tiny gosling leaping from her ancient cedar tree.

Life without limits, imagined or real,

no fences, no boundaries, all’s good in this deal!

What is knowing fear?  Even strong boats strain under full sail.

Like a new mother hawk on her first morning hunt,

or a tiger cub playing with her father’s amazing tail.

Our heart is a magnet, our center and true.

It speaks from within, whether grey or bright blue…

One sister in time, with gossamer wings,

She laughs and sings and wears shiny things!

Evolving means to step beyond one door,

and open your eyes to things never dreamed of before!

To silence the mind’s idle chatter with peace.

All doubts and opinions forever cease.

Look up!  And see the beauty to be!

Just learn to listen, begin to see!

We are but one single note in life’s great symphony.


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