Reflections on getting old…

Finding great friends is like wading into a very deep pool, slowly…  Pretty soon people of like-minds always seem to come together.  I see it over and over again.  On one particular site, I connected with a wonderful girl.  She’s a mom, has a house, a family, a life… all of that.  One day on that site, she made remark asking did any other possibly “younger” people also have some ideas and insights upon the subjects we were tackling.  I laughed with her at this, but I also remember that feeling, when you think you’ve landed too deep into uncharted territory.  You want to reach out for the fresh perspective of hope.

She recently posted a video someone took of an old man in a nursing home, being reintroduced to the popular music of his day.  They said he’d been basically chronically  motionless but when they turned on the music, he came alive…  the greatest face and happy eyes emerged…

So she posted how much she did not look forward to becoming old like that.  Maybe I should have told her to enjoy her youth while she can.  Or forget it and just live on the edge – always take risks and live life to its fullest.  But instead, the following just came out of me, and I felt it was spontaneous and honest enough to put here.  P E A C E  !!!!!

“…Don’t be sad Carrie girl. He is okay with his path. It’s his, after all. I like to think of the rose, exquisite in bud, compelling in bloom, but you know what? We gotta embrace the whole enchilada — It’s just part of the deal we struck before we came here. One time I saw this lady had kept a box of roses given her so many years ago, and as we looked at them, even in their stillness, there was great beauty. I hope I can fade like a pretty rose. And the greatest truth I’ve come to know is that I don’t have to be sad without my true love, or my best music, or even totally alone. Even at my worst, even in the face of the most evil monster, I had this run. Somebody thought I was good enough and smart enough to let me into the game, for however brief it may feel at times… It has torn me down and torn me apart, but today I am still breathing, and I can still find good things to do. Maybe I can’t run real fast anymore, but I can still knock your hat off at 40 feet with a frisbee. lol maybe 50… Anyway, we choose our battles. It is sad to see people being isolated, forgotten, sorta lost in their old age. Have a plan my dear. A good one, AND a plan B. Keep it close to your heart and in alignment with your true dreams and your greatest bliss. We are blessed children of a High and Mighty God. It is our birthright to be happy. Love is a powerful tool that no one can diminish nor take away. Use it to the best of your abilities and your life will have great meaning. And that is all that matters. All.”


A bright spirit emerged into my life, and she did take my heart… when later I hugged her and gave her a pat, and like that! She was gone with my heart…


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