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Homeless Documentary

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of discovering a rare and noteworthy talent, a true artist with the image. Clearly she has vision but it transcends past even her words to give you the true feeling of being there, and of seeing something she thought was important to see. I’m pretty sure we will be seeing lots more of Shannon Lynn! From Austin, Texas, of course…

Shannyn Lynn Images

I am starting to do a homeless documentary with two girls in Austin Texas. This is the first shoot, however these are stills. The documentary will be a video of various homeless people and squatters around Austin. This guy will most likely be out main focus. He has been homeless in Austin for 18 years, and actually loves his life the way it is. He has some homeless buddies that we will be meeting very soon. He is a homeless musician, and carries his electric guitar around with him with hundreds of sticker stars on it. He has a small green honey tone amp that he uses to play his guitar. He is a very interesting guy, and very nice also. We will be doing a lot more documentation with him in the near future. 

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