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Considering Crows

This man is from Friesland, and I have known him for more years than I remember now. He is so private, I do not even know his last name. I know him best by the name of Tench, the healing fish, his moniker once. I think he is a genius, a true artist on so many levels, he doesn’t just shoot amazing pics, he’s a great musician as well. He was also a sailor. But he’s so modest, he would down-play it all. He’s a really great man and I am happy to call him my friend. I hope you enjoy his brilliant work. These are some of my favorites.

a heartical view

Crows are everywhere, they seem to be present in all habitats…on the marsh, in the forest, heathland, farmland, in the town centre and of course in my street and garden.

I regularly witness crows attacking raptors like buzzards and sparrowhawks, either chasing them off or stealing their recently caught prey. In turn the crows are not too popular with smaller birds…so their visits to my garden are generally short and opportunistic in nature.

Early mornings on a weekend I’ve seen them in the town centre clearing up the mess from the previous nights’ festivities alongside several species of seagulls.

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Revolution of Human Consciousness

There are far greater things in heaven and on earth than we could ever begin to comprehend.  We’ve been suppressed in so many ways, on so many levels, by others, but most clearly by ourselves, but that can all change.  Taking back our power is not an impossible idea, in fact, it may well be the solution for humanity.

Harsh words… deal with it…

Another war, more lives lost, and people still go hungry.  People go without.  Not just in America, but all over the world.  And these atrocities are right in our face, as we look away.  There is no need for hunger anymore.  No need for bombs and war.  It is time to give up all our trappings of problems, lack and violence.  There is no arbitrary reason to bow down to any authority. Everything is within our own choice.  There is no honor in killing and suffering.  Not in this great time.  We do not need permission from any governing body to evolve and transition into a better reality.  It is within our power right now.  We carelessly give our respect to thieves.  They will deprive us of our very humanity, if we allow it.