The Insulate World

What is all this hoopla they speak of, this going inward, this different place…  Having gone there several times in earnest, and not finding it terribly different from present moment reality, I have come to realize a lack to delve inward reveals all manner of undisciplined and even repressed emotions.  No one dare speak their fears out loud, lest they might be forced to confront the monsters head-on, in the light of day…

What I can say with all certainty, is that the depth of understanding and total transcendence, even standing in the very portal of a dimensional shift of unknown results, is beyond any silly concerns of our own making.  We have become an insulate world.  How very ironic in light of the wide open doors of cyberspace.  There are no limits.  Why would anyone choose less?  I believe we have been totally disconnected.  And it is happening even to the wild things.

I believe there can be survivors.  Probably not too many.  That was not the plan.  Quite the contrary it seems.  But if people can try to remember, or if necessary, construct a perspective where anything negative or destructive can be very neatly avoided, perhaps a small handful of souls, here and there, will be left to manage on their own again.  I also believe that once the dust of another thousand years has settled, the ground will be but one of several dense habitats creatures like us can inhabit.  Otherwise, as many have said, we must embrace the space…

When things play out in patterns and begin to repeat, you begin to wonder why other people do not see the lunacy.  To change anything does indeed start within yourself; thus, the most difficult and often dreaded frontier is often disregarded or lost in lame rationale.  So instead of over-thinking anything, being keen to listen, to learn to pay attention, so that you can personally identify the parts of yourself that sustain you and make you tick, could be the one turning point, the deciding factor to facilitate the emergence of a much kinder and more intelligent society– a society that is not divided.  A society that is not set apart from the idea that if one child suffers, if one city, or tribal village has need, we should all respond.  

I can’t buy a spaceship, and even if it were possible to board a outer-atmospheric vessel and ascend into the great heavens and live to tell about it, I’m not so sure I would be jumping at the chance. I have become quite content with my small four corners, and I have learned to listen. These days when I step outside, the information and the sounds are incredible.  The things I see tell me what is happening, here.  What I do in this space matters, here.  I can sit in green grass for this second and I can feel all the strength of my accumulated knowledge gather together with an amazing insight, an intellect that suits me quite well.  This knowing of self is very precious.

All over the world, there are people taking apart the natural expression of our Earth in her most precious and beautiful states.  So much pain and change can not be sustained.  Whatever forces that cause such wanton disregard for the natural expressions of life can not be tolerated.  This planet in all its diversity is nothing short of a miracle, a paradise.  The problems we are encountering now are the direct result of inappropriate stewardship of our own home planet.  It is sad.  But what is inexcusable is to allow unnecessary killing of native herds, purposely gaming of wild birds found only away from people, the deliberate extermination of all the large predators, and also their prey.  This sort of action is unprecedented and must be stopped.  Level heads must prevail.

There is no money in the sense that we have used it.  All of that esoteric financial orchestra of the damned is soon to change.  That will be the very root of successful reform.  When people begin to work together again, with earnest intent, knowing that each one of us is connected, only then will there be a living hope for this world.  When herds are not broken, when the wildlife and plant life is honored and sustained…  shared.  The greatest pleasure in my life has surely been to travel to the national parks in the United States and sleep in them, under stars, under their trees…  with their animals…  

We have a collective consciousness.  It is unmistakable and cannot be denied.  When we recognize that inherent power, that unlimited ability to see the grand device, all creatures will rejoice, and we will know a beautiful Earth like never before imagined!  We were given everything. Perhaps it is time to rein it all in, take it all back, find some discipline, delve deeper into our own minds and hearts, and learn to listen.  Maybe then, we can find a voice, and the voice will be heard.  

the spark within endures...


2 thoughts on “The Insulate World

  1. Thank you so much for following my blog. Your view that something should be done to rebalance the wonton destruction of Earth is shared by a lot of people. Don’t know when a change will be made however.

    • I’ve learned that life does tend to go on. I’ve also learned that it doesn’t stop when you get off the train! It is very good to know that a lot of people do want change and work hard for it every single hour of the day! thanks for the comment Mr. Howell! Cissy

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