Buddha and Cody

It seemed like a good idea at the time, to find some help with the household chores.  I have several shelter rescue dogs that live here now, plus I had a roommate that was interested in farming, I thought.  Organic growing to be exact.  

Long story short, he met the woman that came to the house, they got together, she has a daughter his age in college, and she offered for him to come and live with her.  He moved out quickly and in so doing, also took this fostered animal that needs medical treatments and a neuter operation.  The dog came to me this past weekend with a bad case of heartworm parasites.  

Cody renamed the dog Buddha, which seemed to fit him perfectly as he is a huge Staffordshire Terrier, the original American version. He seemed to like Buddha right away, and of course the dog returned the affection.  He was so taken with Cody it was clear that they were meant to be together.  I just wish that Cody had not proceeded forward in this manner, and of course, trying to connect with him by phone isn’t working out so well.  

So that’s what happened to the big dog out of San Antonio shelter the day he was scheduled for EU.  They brought him to me out here in the farm in a big fancy truck transport, and I feel heart broken, didn’t even get to say goodbye.  It was so easy to love them both.  I miss the dog, but I’m happy that he found a good young man to enjoy.  I just wish that young man would be kind enough to just let me know they are okay.  Especially Buddha.  He had appointments scheduled for his operation and to be given meds to start the treatments for his heartworms.  He can’t be running trails and chasing the ball and such.  Life can be really difficult sometimes.  


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