His Name is Court and he has until Saturday

There is a little pit-mix brown dog named Court, he seems young, and he was on death row in San Antonio Shelter today.  We jumped through all kinds of hoops only to find another even harder one each time.  We are still jumping through them as we speak.  The shelter granted this poor little guy until Saturday.  What we need is a Bexar County, Texas Dog Rescue Group willing to go get this guy ASAP.  I will foster him no problem even train him, and we can decide if this would be a good place for him here to stay, as we are in process of building an organic farm south of Elgin, Texas this summer and internships are possible.  

This little dog Court seemed to be invisible.  I know the feeling.  At the last moment that I saw it today, amid a jillion others things I needed to be doing, I was compelled to sit down and try to save this one.  He did nothing in this world whatsoever to deserve to be killed because no one cares.  Well, I care.  All I need is a rescue certified to operate in the Bexar County, San Antonio area of Texas to call and email the shelter asap and arrange to pick up Court and get him out of there before Saturday the last day of his final extension before EU.  We thought that was today, that was now.  But we have just received the amazing news that this is not the case so all tonight we will be networking as much as we can to find a good rescue to go spring little Court.  


Please keep your thoughts and prayers in my corner, to give me the ways and means and the right path to set this one free.  He deserves to have a beautiful summer, and we’d like to share ours with him.  God willing.  Sincerely, Cissy Caple, Wayside Oaks Organic Farm, Elgin, Texas WOOF!



He’s not a number.  This broke my heart.  It’s like he’s in a prison camp.  He’s just a number.  Look at the twist of his little old head. He’s thinking about whatever the handler has said to him.  I love your little feet boy, you look just like a real bulldog!  Where have you been, and are they being nice to you?  Maybe one doggie miracle per week is all a girl is given, but I’m trying my best to change that honey!  Just hang on, be good one more day, and maybe we can get you out of there.  I’m still on the job Buddy, you just sleep. Good boy.  </3



One thought on “His Name is Court and he has until Saturday

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    This shelter will only deal with a rescue coming out of the Bexar County, Texas, San Antonio area for immediate pick-up as Saturday is the last day of his only extension at this point in time. I am willing to foster/adopt but cannot arrange the pick-up out of the shelter. Will stand by… please share and advise… thank you America! Let’s save this one tonight! Court thanks you cause he wants to run and play this summer in the sun and splash in his brand new baby pool! Please help! Bexar County Dog Rescue, anyone that can go get him out… I will be responsible from this end, as possible foster/adopter. Thank you!

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