Tinker Bell Waiting for Kevin….


Where green things grow like vines and leaves, 
Shine down cool rays on our sceptor, and ignite the sight…
Goddess of berries, faeries and the like, baby goats leaping 
the noisey birds in flight.
Where the green things grow, like berries so true, 
of green, pink, purple and very dark blue…
Give us this day, our daily bread, 
and at night we lie down on green grasses 
Our feet in clear water, mossy rocks for our head.

(This poem is dedicated to a very worried Tinker Bell, who sat confused for two whole days and a night before Kevin could make it home…) BUT HURRAY!!!
He’s home right now with Tinker Bell, and he’s doing great! Went for a walk with Tinker Bell!!!!!!! I KNOW!!!!!!  It is magic! p.s. Tink got a present, a toy from the hospital. 


This was a quick poem I wrote for a post in thanks that my friend returned alive from the hospital after a major surgery to his back.  Now we can think of his healing.  He just fell in love, so we are sure that will help!  ❤  

Peace – out, and thanks for reading!  

Cissy down in Tejas



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