The Aster Project

This wondrous images by my a man I believe has a pure sight… hope these shots will show you all why we need to reclaim our earth and what that means and what it will take. Without these flowers, these bees, hover flies, the grass, the trees, all of it, the rain, the clean beautiful rain, my dear dear friends, we won’t be here much longer. Please let my beloved friend inspire you to do better, go greener, go vegetarian or vegan immediately, and stop the poisoning of our Earth and our Animals. Just stop it. ❤

a heartical view

My most contrived project of the year begins to grow in April and eventually reaches fruition by the end of October….basically I let Asters overtake the whole of my doorstep wilderness and then patiently wait for a few sunny days when hoverflies, bees, butterflies and the occasional damselfly descend on the flowers for the abundance of nectar before the chill of autumn kicks in… 😉

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