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This one’s for Buddha

I saw his pic on a Wednesday night, maybe one of fifty or more animals posted in distress all across the nation.  And in every section of every state there resides a network, tight and supportive, of people who save animals.  They can do anything, and they will do anything when it comes to the rescue of an animal.  

I saw the expression in the eyes of this dog with his head tilted slightly, chin out in question, then I saw that this was his last night and tomorrow he would be killed.  There’s no nicer way to say it.  It is what it is.  

Jumping through hoops, but at the end finding reward, the ultimate goal was to free this dog they called “Court” from his jail.  

The next day, my friends, about 5:30 pm, gate was open, a big King cab long-bed truck with very big tires comes dieseling into my driveway, they look like they’re in a little spaceship…  So I run out the front door out across to the driveway trying to signal the driver to pull on down, get off the circle driveway and park here in the gravel edge of the drive, hidden from the back yard and the other dogs.

The over 6 foot easy cowboy that finally slid out of the truck and went straight way to unload my dog, went right to work while this young woman came at me with a quick “how-do-you-do” and put a tiny folded up piece of paper in my hand.  I’m asking questions, and this big cowboy can’t get the dog to budge out of his kennel.  He does not want to come down out of that truck, mostly likely into another bad situation.  

So I told the cowboy to keep him in the kennel about the same time I first saw his big red head.  The guy looked me right in my eyes this time, and said “Ma’am, I can’t lift this dog!”  Then I saw the enormity of his statement.  With all the grace of an overweight teenager doing a cannonball, Big Guy took one flying leap out of his kennel and into the grassy ground below.  I reached over quickly to grab what he had on his neck, and this cowboy hands me this teeny poodle leash, on this monster…

He goes “Yeah, you better get ahold of him!”  The girl is now also shouting over the diesel engine, “He has heartworms!”  I said “What? How bad?”  She shakes her head and looks sideways, and said bad but not really bad.  “Huh?”  She points at the paper in my palm while I’m holding onto the dog’s collar.  And he’s straining against me hard.  

Lady jumps back in, and they start backing out the drive.  Now “Court” really gives me a little fresh run.  He has power, tremendous power, and I’m like maybe one-third his strength?  He just wants to stretch his legs and use the bathroom.  

His head is huge, and if this is the same dog, there is a huge gap in the reality of his present age.  That little brown dog, the angle in which the picture was taken, all of it was extremely misleading.  And the weight I was given was 55 pounds and when I told the cowboy that, he shook his head no, and said “He’s a lot more than that.”  

I just don’t have the heart to tell his whole story, the tiny bit I had with him.  I’m gonna keep all the sweet moments and funny times, and just seeing him be happy again, or at least more secure in a better place.  

I had made arrangements with a person interested in organic gardening and we had done all the proper introductions.  Long story short, he got a good job in Austin and quickly needed to move closer as the farm is out south of another small town many miles east of the big city.  Gas.  

He took Court, the big American Staffordshire Terrier.  The first one I’ve ever loved, for sure.  I know we were just signed up to be a foster, and both the new guy and the new dog seemed very happy together, it was impossible not to fall in love with this puppy-faced big old Camel Head dog with the almond shaped eyes as big as my own!  His name was even changed to Buddha, which I thought suited him perfectly.  

I don’t have a pic of Buddha.  But if I hurry really fast, maybe I can draw him, sketch him, paint him, but I will always keep him in my mind, because my heart is over-flowing.  I seriously cannot process the loss that I feel.  If you ever think that rescue people are nuts or bothersome or anything like that, you should just try it for 24 hours.  You constantly have chores that must be done when you house multiple dogs.  There are always appointments with fosters that must be met.  You sign documents accepting liability for the animal, on their terms completely, or the dog will not be released.

I just wish I knew if he made it to the doctor appointment he had yesterday for his neuter operation.  At five years old it was time.  No telling how many baby puppies this big guy fathered.  The puppies are where the money is.  More puppies, more money.  Now that Buddha was clearly coughing and suffering from the parasites in his blood system and heart, I figure the owner just didn’t want to deal with it, besides the fact that the cost is huge for treatment the conventional way through most veterinarians.  

I just wish I knew if he was okay.  He so deserved a good life.  I just have to have faith in the young man that took him.  I did, I felt something good in him, so we feel in our own heart that everything is okay.  It’s all we can do.  

But this one’s for you Buddha, Buddha Boy, Buddha Boy, come here boy, come here.  He would wag his big tail and smile, his huge mouth hanging open, his tongue hanging out to the side, as big as my foot.  

When I think of Buddha and I miss him so badly, I think of his eyes.  They were so cute, just like a puppy.  I could see right down inside of him and see his sweet nature and his cute mischief-making gears turning in that huge head…  what is not to love????

Bye boy.  I got you out.  You go now.  You go.  Go.  


Buddha and Cody

It seemed like a good idea at the time, to find some help with the household chores.  I have several shelter rescue dogs that live here now, plus I had a roommate that was interested in farming, I thought.  Organic growing to be exact.  

Long story short, he met the woman that came to the house, they got together, she has a daughter his age in college, and she offered for him to come and live with her.  He moved out quickly and in so doing, also took this fostered animal that needs medical treatments and a neuter operation.  The dog came to me this past weekend with a bad case of heartworm parasites.  

Cody renamed the dog Buddha, which seemed to fit him perfectly as he is a huge Staffordshire Terrier, the original American version. He seemed to like Buddha right away, and of course the dog returned the affection.  He was so taken with Cody it was clear that they were meant to be together.  I just wish that Cody had not proceeded forward in this manner, and of course, trying to connect with him by phone isn’t working out so well.  

So that’s what happened to the big dog out of San Antonio shelter the day he was scheduled for EU.  They brought him to me out here in the farm in a big fancy truck transport, and I feel heart broken, didn’t even get to say goodbye.  It was so easy to love them both.  I miss the dog, but I’m happy that he found a good young man to enjoy.  I just wish that young man would be kind enough to just let me know they are okay.  Especially Buddha.  He had appointments scheduled for his operation and to be given meds to start the treatments for his heartworms.  He can’t be running trails and chasing the ball and such.  Life can be really difficult sometimes.  

His Name is Court and he has until Saturday

There is a little pit-mix brown dog named Court, he seems young, and he was on death row in San Antonio Shelter today.  We jumped through all kinds of hoops only to find another even harder one each time.  We are still jumping through them as we speak.  The shelter granted this poor little guy until Saturday.  What we need is a Bexar County, Texas Dog Rescue Group willing to go get this guy ASAP.  I will foster him no problem even train him, and we can decide if this would be a good place for him here to stay, as we are in process of building an organic farm south of Elgin, Texas this summer and internships are possible.  

This little dog Court seemed to be invisible.  I know the feeling.  At the last moment that I saw it today, amid a jillion others things I needed to be doing, I was compelled to sit down and try to save this one.  He did nothing in this world whatsoever to deserve to be killed because no one cares.  Well, I care.  All I need is a rescue certified to operate in the Bexar County, San Antonio area of Texas to call and email the shelter asap and arrange to pick up Court and get him out of there before Saturday the last day of his final extension before EU.  We thought that was today, that was now.  But we have just received the amazing news that this is not the case so all tonight we will be networking as much as we can to find a good rescue to go spring little Court.  


Please keep your thoughts and prayers in my corner, to give me the ways and means and the right path to set this one free.  He deserves to have a beautiful summer, and we’d like to share ours with him.  God willing.  Sincerely, Cissy Caple, Wayside Oaks Organic Farm, Elgin, Texas WOOF!



He’s not a number.  This broke my heart.  It’s like he’s in a prison camp.  He’s just a number.  Look at the twist of his little old head. He’s thinking about whatever the handler has said to him.  I love your little feet boy, you look just like a real bulldog!  Where have you been, and are they being nice to you?  Maybe one doggie miracle per week is all a girl is given, but I’m trying my best to change that honey!  Just hang on, be good one more day, and maybe we can get you out of there.  I’m still on the job Buddy, you just sleep. Good boy.  </3


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Beautiful thoughts for a beautiful day! Walk in peace!


One morning, a Hunter was following an animal. He tied his Dogs in pairs, so that they would hunt in an orderly way, and not pull in different directions.

Jowler and Vixen were tied together as a couple. They were both young and new to hunting. The two Dogs were good friends and always played together. They took each other’s sides in a quarrel. The other Dogs thought that they would be good partners.

However, they acted strangely when tied together. They both liked to go in opposite directions and walk in a different manner. Both of them would pull the other in different directions and soon this would end in a quarrel. Jowler, the male, treated Vixen, the female, badly.

He did not take care to lead Vixen properly or kindly.

An old Dog watching the two Dogs fight with each other, scolded them, “Silly Puppies, why are you…

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Tinker Bell Waiting for Kevin….


Where green things grow like vines and leaves, 
Shine down cool rays on our sceptor, and ignite the sight…
Goddess of berries, faeries and the like, baby goats leaping 
the noisey birds in flight.
Where the green things grow, like berries so true, 
of green, pink, purple and very dark blue…
Give us this day, our daily bread, 
and at night we lie down on green grasses 
Our feet in clear water, mossy rocks for our head.

(This poem is dedicated to a very worried Tinker Bell, who sat confused for two whole days and a night before Kevin could make it home…) BUT HURRAY!!!
He’s home right now with Tinker Bell, and he’s doing great! Went for a walk with Tinker Bell!!!!!!! I KNOW!!!!!!  It is magic! p.s. Tink got a present, a toy from the hospital. 


This was a quick poem I wrote for a post in thanks that my friend returned alive from the hospital after a major surgery to his back.  Now we can think of his healing.  He just fell in love, so we are sure that will help!  ❤  

Peace – out, and thanks for reading!  

Cissy down in Tejas


The Aster Project

This wondrous images by my a man I believe has a pure sight… hope these shots will show you all why we need to reclaim our earth and what that means and what it will take. Without these flowers, these bees, hover flies, the grass, the trees, all of it, the rain, the clean beautiful rain, my dear dear friends, we won’t be here much longer. Please let my beloved friend inspire you to do better, go greener, go vegetarian or vegan immediately, and stop the poisoning of our Earth and our Animals. Just stop it. ❤

a heartical view

My most contrived project of the year begins to grow in April and eventually reaches fruition by the end of October….basically I let Asters overtake the whole of my doorstep wilderness and then patiently wait for a few sunny days when hoverflies, bees, butterflies and the occasional damselfly descend on the flowers for the abundance of nectar before the chill of autumn kicks in… 😉

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The Story of Miss Rivi

This is a story about a dog.  She is a small to medium small dog, most likely rat terrier for the most part, but having a particularly Beagle like body, we suspect there is more to her ancestry than we can know…  Truly Rivi’s head is too big for her rather large body, all packed onto short stout legs.  She is mostly white like most rat terriers, but she is a red-head which we find especially attractive in the breed. Rivi has the most beautiful amber eyes and nose.  It is what made me fall in love with her from just seeing her picture posted on the urgent list for our local animal shelter.

For sure most all rescue workers have seen it all, but in my case, the local girl I dealt with was truly over-worked, stressed out, you get the idea…  she had no time to be kind or even explain the massive amounts of papers I was required to sign without even reading them…  But to help an animal in distress, you will do anything…  I still wonder what was written on those pages that they so desperately didn’t want me to read…  

The picture I saw of Rivi was on a regular post for shelter animals that need homes.  I noticed her right away because of the extra large pointed ears – clearly rat terrier.  She did remind me of our oldest terrier, Abigale who is also a red-head.  So I was hooked before the story even begins…

I got a text through to the local girl that runs a rescue here.  They primarily do everything they can to get the animals out of the shelter into rescues before they are EU, which means euthanized.  I don’t own a vehicle anymore, so I couldn’t drive out to the shelter myself.  So I had to appeal to this lady for her assistance in getting Rivi out.  Her very short terse text back to me was this: “No one can touch her, she’s biting.”  That in shelter language means certain death asap.

I knew immediately that she was scared to death.  Anyone who has ever owned a rat terrier will understand.  They usually only bond with one, possibly two people, and that’s pushing it.  They said that someone from Smithville, about 30 miles away, had dropped her off.  No other explanations given.  I told the rescue girl:  “Get her for me.  I will bring her back from hell.” Little did I know just how true those words would be.

First of all let me say that it was Rivi’s saving grace that they couldn’t get hold of her too well, because most of the vaccines and crap they inject into the animals kill them right off or make them so very sick they wish they were dead.  I was basically devastated the first and last time I was there to see about 18 kittens and cats all piled up in one small glass enclosure all sick as could be.  One darling Ginger cat looked up at me with the saddest eyes I have ever seen, then just laid his head back down in total surrender.  I just hope he lived to see better days, bless his heart.  

Protocol is blanket.  They don’t have time to evaluate each individual animal when it comes in. They get better than a hundred in some days.  It is just incredibly sad.  Most of them are owner surrenders.  People that for whatever reason couldn’t or wouldn’t keep the animal they first took home.  If some of the animals die immediately after their vaccinations, then so what, I guess.  Less of them to place and feed in the meantime. If I sound harsh, it’s because it is harsh.  It is beyond being unacceptable.  It is horrendous.  If the animals that get into the shelter even live through the first few days, chances are it is only to wait for about a week before they are taken in and given the killing injection and then thrown into the gurney to be disposed of with all the hundreds of other cats and dogs.  It will absolutely make you ill.  

So anyway, I got lucky and so did Rivi.  At the time I had the lady on the line her helper also called her and by the grace of God or the cosmos or whatever angel that was helping me that day, her buddy Jeremy was available to go get Rivi and bring her out to the farm and to my waiting arms.  It took an extra day because they took her over to the vet and let him give her shots, etc.  Who knows… but they sure didn’t give her a heartworm test.  I went back later to get that done, and thank goodness, she is clear.

But here’s the sad bad news.  Rivi, who was then called Misty, had this very large area of pink flesh, skin on the side of her neck where no hair will grow.  I wondered if maybe she just scratched it, but since she came last spring this spot is still without hair.  I am now pretty sure it was the result of an embedded collar, most likely jerked free and now the terrible scar remains. Who in God’s name could be so stupid and neglectful as to allow something so cruel and horrible to happen to an innocent puppy like sweet Rivi.  I shake my head in disgust and sadness for the poor animals that this happens to, which is all too frequent evidently.  How smart do you have to be to know when it’s time to get a bigger collar for your dog anyway? Jeez…

Also she was not even a year old. They told me that and the vet confirmed.  Yet her whole stomach was swollen with milk, ten teats to be exact!  Wow, I know!  Not full rat terrier definitely.  They only have a few.  Clearly poor Rivi had mated with a much bigger dog than her, and had paid the price dearly for the delivery and birth of her babies, which must have been taken from her prematurely.  Imagine what that would do to any mother even a mother dog.  My heart was broken for her.  

When I got her inside my bedroom finally, I just set the kennel carrier down on the corner of the bed and let the older terrier Abi come and see.  I opened the door to her kennel and just left it open and I was nibbling on something good, and was placing tiny pieces on the edge of her carrier.  She was plastered to the back of the kennel scared beyond comprehension.  So I just continued to ignore her and pass out bites of chicken.  When I got up from the bed and went for a drink or whatever and came back, I noticed that the bites were gone and she was now outside the kennel, on the bed right up next to it, watching me like a hawk.  So I just sat down friendly but not overtly so, and Abi, the old matriarch of the family, came up and greeted Rivi with a sniff and a smile then just laid down beside her smiling.  I think Abi liked Rivi right away.  That was very good for Rivi.  

After feeding her decent protein instead of horrible dead dry crunchies like they feed at the shelter, she was really coming around.  At night I would just gently massage her stomach knowing that in time her milk would dry up and she would be looking and feeling so much better.  I just kept telling her that her puppies were fine, they were okay.  I hope she believed me.  I hope it helped.  

Now Rivi, who was Misty first, then Misty River, then River, then River Rat, now just Rivi, she loves her life.  She has friends.  She has freedom, she has learned to bark and act like a real dog.  I think she was most likely chained her whole puppy-hood and when she did get loose, she got pregnant way too young.  After the puppies were barely old enough to sell, I’m sure the previous owners just decided to leave her at the shelter as she was just too much trouble for them.  Sad, stupid, uneducated people with no business having any pets at all.  

If I could even speak to her previous owners, here is what I would tell them.  Rivi is happy now.  She is loved.  Every animal here loves Rivi and now me being the only one in residence at the moment, I love her dearly as well.  We all love Rivi.  She is friendly always, she always smiles and she always has more than enough love and hugs whenever you need them.  She is a dear dear soul and I am so very thankful and blessed that she came into my life.  No matter what ever happened to me here in the future, I would make sure Rivi went with me.  I would never ever leave her behind, and I’ve told her that.  I think she finally believes me.

Her stomach now is lovely.  All the swollen mammaries have gone back to normal size.  The big spot on her back that was eaten down to the raw skin is all healed.  She eats well now, she loves her meal time but is so mannerly and polite.  She waits patiently to hear her name called and then she goes to her spot and waits with that lovely smile and those unforgettable amber eyes.  

I am sure if you asked most anyone, I had absolutely no business whatsoever getting another dog at the time. One friend I knew actually started laughing at me on the phone, not a pleasant retort, but an obvious condescending sort of terrible insult.  That man is no longer my friend, for a number of reasons after that.  That particular incident was the first clue, his first strike…  If you are not a rescuer, you just won’t understand.

I used to have a friend from Pakistan named Bushra.  She was just in horrors at the thought that I would sleep with a dog at night. Since I no longer have a husband, and I enjoy the closeness and affection, damn skippy I sleep with my dogs.  Not the bigger ones mind you; I only have a twin sized bed.  But we make room for Miss Rivi.  She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.  She also doesn’t have a clue what a ball is or what you’re supposed to do when someone throws it for you.  I’ve worked with her alone and with Summer, the catahoula/aussie mix, who is Rivi’s idol.  They are now quite good friends, close in fact.  Before Rivi came home, Summer had no friends at all, only her brother.  She was stiff and scared and totally traumatized by her first two months as well, before I was able to get her to come home with us.  But now Rivi and Summer are best buddies and it warms my heart no end to see those two interact.  Summer is funny in her stand down type of attitude with Rivi, who never stops with the goofy antics.  She is so grateful to be rescued and now in a home where cruelty does not exist on any level.  Not on my watch.  Not in my home.  She still totally freaks out if you attempt to put a collar on her neck.  But slowly we’re coming around with that.  It will take months maybe even years before she can let go of that fear.  I bet it’s hard to forget hour after hour, week after week, month after month of choking pain and agony from a collar cutting off your air and your ability to even eat.  But those days are gone and all we have to show now is the old scar.  It will never go away, and that’s okay by me.  She’s a beautiful dog in every way, even though her overallconfirmation is a little odd.  

While my other dogs rest or sleep, Rivi is always at my side, always ready for a kiss.  She does love to kiss.  Never had a dog that did that.  But because it’s Rivi, I allow a quick sneak of a kiss from time to time, because it is just so darned cute when she does it…  sorry Bushra, well, actually, I’m not sorry.  

Please, I urge you all reading this post, never go out and buy a dog.  There are so many forgotten pets left in shelters to die in pain and agony.  Fear mostly.  They know they’re screwed the minute they get thrown into a cement cell and hear all the other dogs barking frantically for attention to get out.  No wonder she was biting.  But honest to Pete, not one time has this dog ever hurt me, by biting or otherwise.  Not even if I offer a treat from my fingers, she is so careful not to hurt me.  She’s just a peach.

When animals endure and survive the shelter experience, they do come with baggage and anyone considering an adoption should be aware of this.  They are most likely not going to be perfect animals and will require a lot of attention and love in order to come around. It’s all about trust and knowing that no matter what, you will never strike them, or do anything, for that matter, that would harm them or leave them tied, neglected and forgotten.  

I write these words tonight because tonight I was very depressed.  My long time best friend and roommate of 14 years let a drug problem end our relationship and his addiction caused him to clean out my bank account by taking my card, which I am sure was pre-meditated, because I was catching on to his issues and he did not want me to know, because huge sums of money were involved and he was paying no rent.  Just helping me.  Tonight, I opened up my heart and my soul and asked for help to feed these pets I have. With no transport and no friends who will help me out in the neighborhood, as I live in a rural place, I need to order some clean water and food to get us through the month, thanks to what happened to my bank account right after we got paid.  

Now I am alone, I’m older than I care to admit, and I don’t like being alone.  But really I’m not.  I’ve got Miss Rivi, who is right beside me as I type, sleeping like the sweet baby she is.  Taking up far too much room for my liking, but that’s okay too.  I’m just glad she loves me.  Cause I love her too.  L O V E — it is an amazing gift that can take many forms.  Rivi and my other loves give me unconditional love anytime I am smart enough to take the time to notice.  My cup really does runneth over.  

I do not know if any one will help me out with a few buck for food and water.  But usually the universe, God, source, whatever you call our maker, He most usually always provides.  It may not be exactly what we were wishing for, but it’s always enough.  So no more worries tonight about how to get through this month.  I am just happy to be 59 years old, still alive, and with so much promise and fun planned for this summer and the future.  No longer am I afraid of the future and what it could hold, because I have grabbed onto it with both hands, and I am in charge, as part of the huge majority of chronically poor individuals in America.

Tonight we are sending love and hugs out to all the very kind people who do help animals, every single day.  We caused this over-population of unwanted pets.  Our government has caused the massive suffering of entire families now left homeless to start over from scratch to re-build their shattered lives.  And the animals shelters directly reflect the tragedy.  So if you are considering you might be ready for a running buddy, or a lapdog, as the case may be, please go investigate your local shelter.  Sure you will see cell after cell with a sad and frightened pitbull mix.  The shelters are always full of those poor souls.  But among these guys, you will always see that one blessed soul that speaks directly to you.  You can’t walk away and you can’t forget them.  And if you spring them from the terrible doggie jail, they will be forever grateful and loyal to the end.  They might not be perfect, as they most definitely will carry some scars, physical as well as emotionally and spiritually.  But once you both fall in love, all that tends to fall away, and what is left is one beautiful loving friend, that you just couldn’t imagine life without.  

So to the kind rescue girl that last week told me I was too old and too poor to take on another rescue animal, is no matter.  I will still help in my own ways, and I will love the ones I do have here, the ones we did save, forever and a day and beyond even that.  It is not hard to do at all.  Once you feel their gratitude and understand the amazing progress they have made, to have come from such terribly sad beginnings, you will be changed forever, for the better.  I believe that the animals are sent here to teach us, to be our companions, until we no longer require their wisdom or guidance, and then they are taken back to the place from whence they came, call it heaven or what, it most likely is!  Here is a little picture of River.  Now you tell me she’s not the most beautiful dog ever brought into this world of ours.  And if you do, I’ll just laugh and shake it off.  Cause to me Rivi is beautiful inside and out, like a lot of my friends.  And I wouldn’t trade a one of them for anything.  Not even a million dollars — hahaha…  if you knew me you’d see the humor in this statement.  Here’s to all the rescued puppies and kittens that have endured most all of their nine lives already.  Thank you for coming into our lives, and bringing us so much unbridled joy for life.  I should have named her Joie!  Good night America.  Tomorrow do something to help another person or animal.  Do it without even thinking and without any expectation of a thank you.  Do it cause it is the right thing to do, and you will then know the true joy and happiness that comes from such love.  Namaste’ good people!  And thanks for reading The Story of Rivi!