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Fingers Mitchell Cullen

Truly amazing musician. Natural born talent! Rockin’ freakin’ awesome! Plus he has sense! There’s hope yet! Dance the happy dance!

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Returning Back to the 432 hz Tuning

This is the evidence, as far as I’m concerned. This is finding true balance, after a lifetime of straining to another frequency. I present this to my friends as a true and exciting moment in time, for if you want to find another door to your inner peace, I offer you to open this one… it will be life changing, as it is for me, and obviously many, many others… Peace!

Deus Nexus

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Before diving into this article, lets do a quick experiment! I suggest that just by doing this, many of you will instantly understand and feel what I’m talking about.

(Source: The track used here for the 432 hz and 440 hz sample is Setakamuy (Blanju Remix) by Tomoyuki Sakakida )

While listening to this, I suggest to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you feel a difference between one and the other?
  2. How do you feel overall when listening to one versus the other?
  3. Where do you feel the music or in what part of your body when listening to 440 hz and then to 432 hz?

I suggest listening to these tracks back and forth to get the feel of it.

TelepathyOk, if you got a feel for what I’m talking about, then you’re maybe interested in learning more. So what is this A=432…

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Get up! Get up!



The farm was already in high gear when I came to.  Blue jays were screaming at a cat or a squirrel outside my window.  There were different entities perched around my room all calmly staring at me.  Imagine a mad scientist/seamstress surveying the wreckage from mad little kittens who think I have been in bed entirely too long!  They take pleasure in moving things about and knocking anything possible to the floor.  So, I just laid back and listened to the birds and thought to myself, “Wow, another day, all mine.”

Two more packs of seeds are coming in today.  My first cabbage to try and grow from seed! And these amazing tiny Persian cukes.  I seriously get excited thinking about the prospects of growing!  Each year I have gained little bits and pieces of insight and practical knowledge in the pursuit of the correct knowing when it comes to plants.  Food plants can be especially difficult for me.  So in the days to come, more info about the on-going efforts here at the farm will materialize, with pics too of course!  

Ok, cowboys, watch out for the trees, don’t go too fast, and just keep riding!  Peace to all creatures, great and small. Cissy