Evolution of our Music

Give you a great big title and fall far short… not such a good start… I feel very passionately about this subject, yet it is so vast and so far-reaching in style and culture, meaning and performance, a humble appreciator such as myself can only touch on a certain artist at a time…

There was a group of guys that had planned and made it all possible, and I was not going to get left behind. Even though the wrath of the devil himself could very possibly be the result of my adventures, it was of no concern whatsoever. We were the brave and the bold, the country heroes out on a lovely dark mission, driving two hours down a long endless highway of nothing much to see, into the very large and different city, to me, of San Antonio, not sure but thinking around 1972… to the Magestic Theatre. And let me tell you, my friends, this place is nothing less than totally magestic in every way. So many decades later I still find it hard to describe, but there was so much marijuana smoke in the top balcony where our seats were, it was almost hard to breathe… haha but after a while of just sitting and relaxing and taking it all in, not to mention numeous huge joints being passed up and down every single row of people… The heavy old velvet curtains took on almost a surreal look, and the carvings and plaster work everywhere was magical… like some huge multi-level cave all facing to the stage and untold excitement and entertainment sure to unfold…

I am speaking of Genesis. To watch the old videos now and see Phil Collins and of course the off-the-charts Peter Gabriel perform their amazing musical satire and story for us all to contemplate… The music itself was irreverent on purpose and it had heart, even if now, we look back on the these guys as still a bit daft, they were the leaders, the ones that brought us all out of this deep repression and into the light of music as art once more…

You can look at them now and see the amazing artists they have become, now they are the Maestros! hahaha Here is a little bit of video for you on this non-descript Wednesday morning. Please do take notice of Mr. Collins doing his lovely best on percussion and of course Mr. Gabriel ever so dramatic and loving every second of it…. The music is expressive in its defiance of convention, which was in great part due to electronic instruments and the way audio and visual effects became so much a part of a concert. Sure, you knew the studio session music from the album, but a concert would have variation, heart, spontaneity, you just never knew…

I was trained to only do things one way, the way Beethoven wanted it, or Chopin, to acquire the technique, what these crazy guys called “chops.” The English Rock Invasion was just my life when I first discovered bands beyond the Beatles… That sort of thing was frowned upon in my home, but in my friends’ houses, we could listen to any music and even sometimes a joint would get passed around… it was no big deal… I am so glad I was exposed to that because it has opened up my perceptions to the whole experience that is music now, and of course, it continues to change and evolve, just like our language… it is wonderful. I would love to put the video here that I began my morning with – believe it was called Genesis 1973 Collins and Gabriel… sometime when you are just slightly curious, you could look up the old videos, they are totally great and worth every minute…

Happy week, friends, do not go forth timid, but with conviction and purpose… it makes all the difference…


4 thoughts on “Evolution of our Music

  1. Seems as though I have had a very similar experience as yours 🙂 unfortunately I didn’t see Collins and Gabriel but the smoke was heavy in the old Victoria Theater as we watch videos of Clapton and Hendrix. the good days of our youth

  2. Like Hendrix! Wow. What he was doing with sound! I was classically trained and to hear Hendrix now and contemplate the effects electricity had… I think they gave us something spiritual that we were lacking, and I still go to them at times… 🙂

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