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There is art all around us. All you need do is look. Just now, I found this perfect work by John Tompkins. I do not know him, yet, but you can bet I will soon! What he says in this post is compelling, for even the most broken soul, and for all of us that still have hope, it is real, honest and refreshing! So many times in my life, people have said I over-analyze things, think too much… worry… Now I feel special, as reading this gives me better understanding of my ways… Thinking is a Good Thing! I hope you enjoy this beautiful masterpiece of writing, the perfect words for our mixed up world in 2013! Thank you John Tompkins!

sublime life

I firmly believe that most all human problems are attributed to one flaw: our unwillingness to think when it’s inconvenient. We all have the capacity to think. It’s just that it takes effort most of the time and it seems like a task to think beyond what we experience.

Investment failures, prejudicial bias, political partisanship, relationship problems, they can all be traced back to a refusal to review, to think.

Not thinking makes life easy. We don’t have to see others’ points of view or try to comprehend something unpleasant. Life is simple when we can take something that we don’t want to deal with and put it in a closet and shut the door.

Being a black-and-white thinker is effortless. Despite all of our attempts to make our mind a canvas with one dimension, it goes against nature. The world is like a gem, with facets all around that…

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